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Flooring installation


Ready to love your professional flooring installation?

A new flooring installation can spruce up your home and can even make a budget product look like a high-end floor if done correctly. New flooring can completely change the atmosphere, make the room look larger, and the layout more modern. It also increases real estate value, and nothing makes a prospective buyer run faster than a dirty, dingy floor in need of repair. Here are some suggestions for getting a floor that becomes your home's crown jewel; feel free to visit our showroom and talk to us when you're shopping for flooring in Delray Beach, FL.

Understanding your flooring needs

When you walk into our flooring store, you'll be overwhelmed with the almost unlimited volume, from natural stone, ceramic tile, luxury vinyl, and more. Explore your lifestyle to determine your needs, with such questions as the family's size, pets; kids; extra durability, and stain resistance needs. Most importantly, determine a budget, looking at the overall picture, including installation and other auxiliary costs.



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Choose flooring that works with your style

Remember, nothing needs to be an exact match, but make sure whatever you choose coordinates with your overall home atmosphere; for instance, a floor that's urban contemporary would seem a little disjointed with country-style decor. Make sure there's a good balance of color with both warm and cool shades, but don't be afraid of color, either. The general rule is to stay with three colors, one taking up 60% of the area, another, 30% and finally an accent color which would be only 10%.

Why preparation is so important

Whether the installation is residential or commercial, preparation for a new floor is the first and vital step. It helps you avoid costly and time-delaying mistakes, such as uneven surfaces or subfloor imperfections that telegraph up to the surface. Every surface must be thoroughly cleaned and ready for the floor.

Make sure you read the estimate thoroughly so you know what responsibilities are yours. Some will remove the big pieces of furniture but will want you to handle the small breakables, electronics, or other valuables. Who will dispose of the old flooring? Also, find out if your municipality has any special rules about disposal. Think ahead about securing pets or making any alternative arrangements to cook or shower.

At Ganee Stone, we understand that selecting a new flooring installation can be a little overwhelming, with all the decisions to be made. We'll sort it out for you, give you high-quality products, a free quote, and finish with a superior installation. Come into our showroom in Delray Beach, FL, especially if you live in or around Delray Beach, FL, Boca Raton, FL, Boynton Beach, FL, Deerfield Beach, FL, Lake Worth, FL, Highland Beach, FL, Palm Beach, FL, North Palm Beach, FL, South Palm Beach, FL, or Palm Beach Gardens, FL.